Saturday, November 21, 2009


From Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series to The Devil wears Prada, there’s one brand that has been endorsed in a magnitude that would make you think it has a cult following across the globe. Yep, a lot of people’s daily addictive quotient- Starbucks coffee.

So needless to say, after the lofty image I held of the place, I was pretty thrilled to be in it and the ambience didn’t let me down one little bit. With shining glass cases of great looking food, long stool like chairs and comfy couches… I thought…wow what a warm place….and since the place is so good the coffee must simply be mind-blowing…..expectations rising three-folds.

We proceeded to the counter for the order and looking at the long list of stuff available with even more long drawn prices, the three-fold expectation doubled to…well six-folds…...I took for myself a sandwich and café latte….beats me why they keep such fancy names that people have trouble pronouncing…you try to say it and it comes out all wrong….I for one find it pretty embarrassing….Besides, What’s wrong if you call it hot coffee with milk???

Anyway so that being done, the order arrived in jet-speed….Chalo so far so good.
Now the reaction-
First the coffee- To be blunt, it was horrribbleeeeee…….soooo kadwaaa!!Yuck Yuck Yuck! But I refused to believe something could be wrong with the coffee….How can it be bad?? Arey Bhaai its Starbucks!!…so I blamed it on myself….maybe I had just brushed my teeth so I was finding it bitter….no problem…got a second sachet of sugar and inverted it into the cup as well……same reaction….Brr..Yuck!..Made all my senses wide awake….How can people drink this damn thing???? And if they drink it the way I am, are they oblivious to the word ‘diabetes’??.....And to think I spent so much on it….mental sob sob….ab kya kare….ok told myself ki kindly adjust…and to take my mind off the coffee I tried the sandwich……..

Coming to the sandwich- From past experiences and miscellaneous people’s advice I have learnt not to order stuff that I’m not so sure about…keeping that in mind, I had picked from among the options the one that seemed most normal…the name I do not recollect but the content read chicken and cucumber….and I thought… Fair enough…how wrong can it go?? Nope nope! Galat again!....In my entire sandwich eating career- which is pretty elaborate cos its what I used to take to school everyday as a kid….so that’s 12 odd years of clowny combinations…..never until that day did I know that something so simple and basic could turn into such a disaster. The cucumber factor turned out to make the whole package sweet and what started as a healthy breakfast left me short of wanting to throw up.

To put it all in a nutshell, I was pretty disgusted….Am not a huge fan of coffee and Starbucks didn’t turn out to be my cup of tea either. Next time I guess it’s just got to be Madras filter coffee or Nescafe Classic for me.

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