Sunday, November 29, 2009

Overreact na kari!

I once read in the newsapaper of a Japanese company that has introduced a unique stress busting technique….here’s what they do….they have a room full of glass plates….now don’t ask what type of glass cos I dunno…but its the breakable one….so if any employee is really really mad for any reason…boss ne shout kiya, biwi ne ghar se nikaala etc…then all he has to do, is go to that room and break as many plates as he likes…that way all the negative energy comes out on the poor plates….a little tod-fod and ur good as new…they say...this way mental stress won’t hamper employee productivity….Hmm interesting…. And a bit weird actually.

I went for a blood test today and I couldn’t help thinking that if inflicting pain on people and things is the way to cut stress, then the lab folks must have a pretty satisfying job….for instance, their job mainly involves sticking needles in people’s arms, and not needle stabbing alone, after that they suck out a good 10 ml of blood and to make the revenge more wholesome, further inflict pain on your wound by rubbing it with a horrible smelling piece of cotton (smells a bit like Bru ice cappuccino- Got it free on an ice cream so that’s how I know)

In my judgment, there are basically 4 kinds of people who come to get their blood test done….and this I mean is based on their behavior

1- The Maun Vrat types- they just shut their eyes and pretend like the whole world is at peace. Aha! Dalai Lama! Their hemoglobin is probably 15-20 bcos of which they are sooo tranquil….forget nervousness, they don’t even care if they are just getting a prick or the nurse is carving an entire dotted design on their arm….and when the whole process is over and they are asked to open their eyes, they have an almost mournful expression….like oh nooo…neend se jaga diya!

2- The Needle phobic types- Those are the ones that go frenzy just by the sight of a needle….and may I say, the cry and scream and shout reflects an exceptionally high decibel level. To get a blood test done for them is a horror and probably the thought of taking one keeps them up for a couple of nights in advance. Mostly accompanied by friends and family for moral support

3- The Funny expression types- They are generally a bit hyper….although they don’t say much….their expressions are very interesting….when they look at the needle, their eyebrows shoot high up…almost touching their hairline….when its stuck in their arm, its difficult to tell whether they are laughing or crying and when the ordeal is over, its… hffffffff….like they have just fought the biggest and hardest battle of their life.

4- And the last of the lot….The Curious types- By these species I mean, they ask a lot of questions….which flow in the following order
Ø Is this a fresh needle (and that is after seeing the nurse tear it from a packet) ….(No beta, I actually put these injections in the fridge and I didn’t want it to smell of pyaaz and tamaatar…that’s why I put it in a sealed plastic cover. Thik kiya na maine?)
Ø Are you going to put it in my hand now? (Yep! Smile and say cheese!!!)
Ø Will you remove the blood now? (Haa jaanemann! Grr! Tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe azaadi dungi!!)
Ø Finish? Shall I go now? (Nahi nahi jaldi kya hai. Araam se chaai naashta karke jaao!)

Makes an interesting tamaasha I say. Hope you don’t have to be in this situation, but just in case you land up sometime, then it’s what you could look out for amidst an otherwise drab environment!


kiran said...

To which kind do you belong? i was rolling on the floor laughing:)

Sadiya said...

oh im cool..... jus get a bit hyper...u kno d type whr everyone becomes scared of talkin to u n wants to keep a safe distance?.... ;)