Friday, November 6, 2009

2 States by Chetan Bhagat- Book Review

This comes as the story of a love marriage attempting to unite in Holy Matrimony, Krish Malhotra (a Punjabi munda- matlab the smart and macho hero) and Ananya Swaminathan (a Chennai ki kudi- matlab the fair and lovely heroine). The story commences with the guy and girl hitting on a note of initial takraar and after some intezaar, they finally do ikraar. What follows is a breezy romance unto the time they plan to get married.

But if it was that simple, the story wouldn’t have come about. So just like any other drama, the bottleneck comes in when both sides of parents need to be convinced. You might think the two could just elope….especially this being the express generation where everything happens fataafat….but nope….in this regard the modern couple have puraane thus triggers an attempt of Krish trying to woo the lady’s parents by staying in Chennai for six months (!!!) and sucking up to them in every imaginable way…..
At the other end, there is Ananya who needs to pataao Krish’s mom,(source of unending emotional atyachaar), who by the way totally looks down upon all ‘Madrasis’. To her, any Madrasi girl is the equivalent of Hema Malini or Sri Devi trying to snatch at the earliest an educated and ‘fair’ guy.

In the background you get a vivid picture of the Chennai ka culture that mostly involves a conservative society……..greatly values knowledge, rises at 5 in the morning every single day of their life and eats bland food dipped in oodles of sambar. In contrast, there is the Punjabi culture where food holds more sentimental value than anything else…..its all they seem to care about, and off course… splurge is the word when it comes to weddings.

All this blended together brings to you the flavor of 2 States.

My take- Priced at just 95 bucks I think it’s a total paisa vasool. The humor is at its best in Chetan Bhagat’s signature style. It’s a stereotype plot in a ‘new and improved’ package.
Rating- 4 on 5
(Don’t want to take any credit away from it, so the book was cool, but I still like Tushar Raheja better!)

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