Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 most bakwaasest soap operas!- PART 2

For PART- 1, click here

And after jheloing the first round of entertainment ke naam par black dhabbaa’s ur back for yet another dose. Here’s the hoop once again-

At number 6, its Sansani- I do think of it as a soap opera. For one thing it has absolutely no utility value and the suspense factor is amazing. The host is one scary person with a booming voice and the way he constructs the situation is just wow. For something you don’t care two hoots, like a cow in the middle of the road or some Gyaani Baba on a maun vrat in Kerala for 4 months, he can make it look like some world ending ghatnaa and thus providing fuel for mileage that lasts an entire hour.
My Take- Trash!
Pathetic Rating- 10/10

7- Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil- And I have picked this one solely on the merit of its title. What is it supposed to mean? If it was kis ladke ke paas hai mera dil…..then at least it would make some sense…..but kis desh main??? Dunno. Yeh to national crisis maalum hota hai.
The plot- Ahh. Same stuff. Do you care?
My Take- Flop Flop!
Pathetic Rating- 9/10

8- LOC- Life Out of Control- By far the most thakela comedy show I have ever seen.
The plot- An Indian and a Pakistani family live together and have routine trivial issues that they fight over in a real shoddy way. At the end of each episode they just patch up n be friends like old times……always giving a moral about Indian-Pakistani bhaai bhaai……I think they assumed the audience to comprise mainly of kindergarten kids…
My Take- Amateurish
Pathetic Rating- 11/10

9- Tez Taare- This isn’t a soap opera like the others….. It’s a horrorscope show that features on Aaj Tak everyday and tells your bhavishya by looking at your Raashi…plus in between the show the host gives you a mythological story ekdam freee. About her,……..all I can say is… I have never seen a person with worse dressing sense and her entire persona itself is enough to freak you out completely…….so if she says ghar se bahar mat nikaliye….u better take it very seriously…….lock yourself in the bathroom as an extra measure….you never know!
My Take- Fullto timepass
Pathetic Rating- 8/10 (Arey at least its amusing)

And finally at No. 10, its Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki- Waah! Kya title hai! Coming straight from the Rajshree Production house, this one unfortunately doesn’t have a hero named ‘Prem’.
The Plot- From what I know, started with Rani as the protagonist, then came her daughter Pari (played by the very same girl who played Rani), and then came HER daughter…..also named Rani (No surprise! Also played by the same lady who played Pari!) ……kuch samajh main aaya….so now if u want to know kaunse number ka generation is going on, all u gotta do is find out the name of the current heroine…that is, is it Pari or Rani and do a counting of odd or even numbers. Social messegwa ke saath saath math tutorial freee!!!
My Take- Too Good hai ji!
Pathetic Rating- 10/10

There are still more that I can add to the list especially from the K wagon but I guess fair justice has been done and this is it. Bottom line- Do yourself a favor and don’t everrrr everrrr watch any of the above mentioned stuff……even if you are bored to the ultimate extent, even if you have absolutely nothingg else to do except stare at a leak in the ceiling, even if it’s the onlyyy thing on TV! DON’T!


Haya said...

loved the last one on "woh rahne wali mahlon ki", i hated its title track as well. and the whole plot sounded so stupid, cldnt believe how they cld make a serial out of it, and as u write drag it to 3 generations. funny how all serials in india are dragged to generations!!! why dont they shut and just start something new, or better nothing at all ;)
and first time i happened to see an episode of balika vadhu, i saw mostly that old lady and thot she was the balika vadhu(?!?!) until my bhabi told she was the dadi. now i saw trailors that the balik and balika are grown up, but i saw the dad wearing a colour sari, earlier she used to wear white, what she got married or what?!! now what shld they re-name the serial!?

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe u thot the dadi was balika vadhu??????? lol! sonali maam wud b sooo mad at u to hear dat! btw i canttttt stand it!

n i believe wo rehne wali is still running!!!!!!....dats like 5 to 6 yrs!...WITH THE SAME WOMAN!!

Anonymous said...

yahooooo! Finally found a point where I disagree with my blogger 'soul-sis' as you joke ;).....I liked LOC yaar :) Baaki I agree on every bakwaas soap you've mentioned.....add Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Betiyaan(Zee) and Teen Bahuraniyaan(also Zee) and the list goes on..... :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

ahemm....u liked loc!
wel dunno i saw 2 episodes n dey wer pretty baaad!!
n betiyaan is on star plus rite? its screwed up man!

Anonymous said...

Erm.....there was a Betiyaan on Zee also 'Ghar ki lakshmi betiyaan' Yeah LOC was bearable....I liked the character 'ISI' - the Pakistani guy's saala who always got him into trouble. :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

lol! d lousiness of d title indicates very high potential of bein eligible to mk it to my list. too bad i din catch it :(

abt LOC, the only characters i remember were dat fat guy n his neighbour named 'chaand bhaai' :D

ivan said...

LOC is the best amongst all the comedy serial i have seen. good story plot with perfect punches ,, rest all are bakwaas.

Sadiya Merchant said...

wel like i sed....i hav seen 2 episodes n i dint lik dem :o
n d support loc is gatherin on dis post is surprisin! :D