Friday, October 9, 2009

Himesh Ji

This one is dedicated exclusively to Himesh Reshamiya. Why? Because this guy has got guts man!!! After consistent flops and sooo much be-izzati from the media, he’s still back…unruffled, unfathomed, unperturbed…(aur words bhi nahi aa rahe)…all that, and this time too, with a bang!
Caught the promos of his latest flick on tv- ‘RADIO’- that’s the name of the movie. Who would have thought of a title as creative as that?- One of a kind, never been used before and its so fresh and unique, that you can’t believe at all ki it’s a movie ka title! At least the first time you hear it. I personally thought that’s his new music album- That was until I read of it in the newspapers.

And if fine print is to be believed then it costs just 6 crore Rupees!! Taking you back in recent history, Aap ka Suroor made headlines for sweeping floors with a budget of 90 crores!-(it didn’t really sweep the floors, but that’s pretty close to what it did do). And with the naya RADIO, the music release itself has covered the cost- that’s even before the movie hat hit the screens- bole to aage profit hi profit!! Ye hui na baat! Way to go!
And I did listen to the songs- My opinion- bakwaas hai ji!- except the jaanemann wala number…which is pretty decent…..but how can you make a fortune on just one song? Dunno. Anyway so that’s the janta ka call. And at least this one doesn’t have a song called tandoori nights!!(Tandoori nights???? Hello? What is that supposed to mean??)

Talking about the man himself, he has evolved multifold over the last 3 to 4 years…..starting from a cheekoo (chubby) guy with a beard and moustache and the ever so famous cap……..I would have never thought he would make for a Bollywood movie ka hero material. Yeah Tamil or Telugu movies would have been a sure shot success….. But all that said, he did manage to emerge as a player if not a winner and NOW, may I say, he looks almost, almost nearly presentable! With a new hairstyle, no daadi n moochey, a few kilos shed (yoga maybe)……..apparently chakachaun and make up have done a lot to this man…….In his own words he says…I have an intense personality…..oooooo… comments!

Also a lot of actresses ka filmy career has taken off just courtesy this cap wala guy…Deepika Padukone to Hansika Motwani (ok maybe not taken off but at least now we know her name from outside of the tina girl of infamous soap operas) and….to add to the lot……hope the same goes for shenaz (dunno the surname) as well- (I do think she has a cute smile).
I wonder why established actresses don’t want to work with him….maybe they find it to risky for their career….or maybe playing along as his sweetheart raises serious questions about their taste. Even worse- What if they get linked up with him? That surely can’t be good!

And still more to come, there are 3 Himesh movie releases after RADIO that are lined up for the ever so eager Indian audience. Also, they are from producers and directors totally unheard of, but….. YES! they are coming alrite…..pakki khabar hai… It’s surprising that people are willing to invest so much on him. I guess they see in him a mahaan kalaakaar whose parakhna is yet to be done by critics which comes to a dismal majority of the population. Almost feels like saying- Sorry dude! Time kharaab hai!

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