Friday, October 16, 2009

Hamare Senior Citizen Netaji's

An ode to our politicians!

A question that bothers me- Why are they all so old? Maybe because the younger folks are into building their respective careers and samaaj seva finds its positioning on their agenda only after hitting retirement.

Ok so age is just a figure, but that leads on to the next question- Why is their ability of extempore speech so poor?

Just a couple of days ago I happened to catch Manmohan Singh’s speech on TV and this is what I made of it- incoherent and painfully slow! And to put it in a still better way I didn’t understand a single word of what he said. Even more ironic is the fact that the person who is the face of a good 2 billion people cannot even deliver a speech by looking into a camera….let alone facing the people. And it’s the same on all occasions….a pre written speech that’s read cover to cover irrespective of the topic in question n in case of a press conference… when asked questions, the answers are sooo slow….each word tastefully savored… to the extent that by the time 2 words have left his mouth, u’ve almost nearly forgotten the question itself!

And I do not say that he is a bad politician…in fact he is more educated than most others…the leading guy behind the 1991 Economic Reforms and former Finance Minister too. All that is very well but does that make him good enough to represent our country? When he cannot look in our face and talk to us, how is he going to hold talks and path breaking negotiations with President’s from other countries? Almost all foreign leaders have just one thing to say about him- he is a very good and honest man- but what good is that??? (They probably like him bcos he’s too timid and will agree to everything they say) Isn’t sharp, dynamic n charismatic a few other qualities needed to make the cut?

Yet another vibrant flower in our select bouquet is Madam Pratibha Patil- the President of our country….n I don’t blame you for in case u didn’t know that….. Because in all her tenure, she doesn’t have a single outstanding achievement to her credit. Most people at the time of her nomination, had predicted her to come in as a puppet and, well, all that can be said is…she has played her part to perfection… except for seeing her at the swearing ceremonies of Ministers…..sporting fluorescent orange and green sarees or saluting our National flag, there isn’t a single other thing that stands out about her… for all the people who say a woman at the top can be no good… she has taken the pain to actually go all out and prove them right.

Sonia Gandhi!- Yess I like her. At least she has some visibility and is fairly agile. She probably even is the woman who has the reins of the Prime Minister and President in her hands….or so it appears… and of all the oldie political crowd, she seems like the only person with an ounce of possessing at least a few of the requisite leader-like traits.

On the BJP Opposition Dias- I don’t even know who is the one leader of their team- they just seem to come in white dhotis and fight all the time for who will be the leader when in actual fact they haven’t even won the election!
But even when they did have power in their hands with Atal Bihari Vajpayee as their candidate… there were certainly no breakthroughs that I can recollect…only communal discord is what comes to mind… and when there were clips of George Bush taking his dog n going for a jog, our Indian media was covering Atal Bihari Ji limping into a session of the Parliament and at a pace where you could span out the camera to air a commercial n get back just in time to have seen him cover a good 10 spaces and enter the building. Classy, I say!

And then there’s the adorable Lalu Prasad Yadav who gets everyone’s attention and whatever be his background, ..…he did manage to bring a profit to the Railways….for a Government holding in India…… that sure is an incredible feat.

Last on the list is Rahul Gandhi- the media’s favorite. Although he isn’t on the old folks ka list, a guy over 40 yrs doesn’t qualify for youth either….but unlike others at least he is taking the trouble to go to poor people’s localities and do some good…..even if it is just a publicity stunt. Most people reckon him to be the future face of India. How much further is this future nobody wishes to say in concrete terms, but from the current scenario and past track record, doesn’t look like its going to be a good 10-20 years from now.

The older, the wiser I suppose!

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