Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cheeni Chopsticks

You know what chopsticks are right? Those 2 really thin and long wooden sticks that Chinese people use to eat their food with.
Well I don’t know how to eat with them and unfortunately neither do any of my friends so the best I’ve seen of them being used is obviously Chinese people eating at restaurants. And don’t get me wrong here- Its not like I stare at people when they eat their food or anything- I just sort of…by the way....noticed….know what I mean right?

So here’s the thing. How do they manage to eat all their food by putting it on two sticks??? And you are not even allowed to use the other hand. (Reminds me of tying the Saree ka pleats…which again I do not know how- speedily goes- up down, up down, up down and Voila!!! Done!)…. Ok coming back……Assuming they eat only Chinese food that must consist of …say, noodles and fried rice……noodles at least they can put it round and round the sticks and then put it in their mouth……but then what about rice?....How do they eat that? How does it stay on those sticks??? And even if it does stay it couldn’t be possible to get more than 5 to 6 grains of rice at one time…so wouldn’t it take really really long for them to finish their meal??? My opinion is that’s almost inflicting trouble upon self by eating like this. Most people in such situations might quit wholesome eating itself…….just because its so tiresome…..that’s probably why all Chinese people are of such a small build in the first place…..all alike….short, thin n really pokey straight hair….

But all that said, it does look pretty fashionable to eat with them and if I were to make a list of 10 things to do before I die (like I once saw in a movie), then I would totally put this down on my list…at number 9 maybe……and until then I’ll put the pair of them that I already have to some productive use… maybe tying my hair…..hee what can I say….looks cool!

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